We are located in Douglasville, Georgia. We are home-based professional breeder of toy poodles in which all our dogs and puppies are hand raised and loved within our family. We are committed to raising a healthy happy puppy who will give your family lots of love and happy memories. To ensure good healthy lines all our breeding dogs are fully health tested, vet checked and fed premium food. We stand behind the health of our puppies with a year health guarantee. Our dogs live a happy life as part of our family they. Our puppies are raised in large gated areas within our main family living area to ensure their safety and proper socialization. The puppies begin training on pee pads as early as 5 weeks and receive one on one time daily exposing them to everyday noises, cats, kids, and our adult dogs to ensure they are well rounded and ready for their new homes! We do welcome visits into our home by appointment. (But at this time during the pandemic we do not allow in home visits for our family safety as well as yours!) we are currently working on a way for our puppy parents to see their babies on the puppy cam for a few hours per day.)

All our adult dogs are AKC or CKC and several have champions in their bloodlines. We are committed to breeding only poodles that fit OUR standards guidelines and pass all temperament testing. We have a year health guarantee on all puppies. We specialize in Reds, Chocolates, Phantoms, and merle toy poodles. We do on occasion get creams and apricots too! WE DO NOT guarantee size of puppies

Toy Poodles are intelligent, fun and make amazing companions. They can be trained to be service dogs, help calm an anxious person, or just be a fun-loving pet. The ease in which a poodle is trained makes them a wonderful addition to almost any family.


If within the first 12 months of age a licensed veterinarian diagnosis’s this puppy with a genetic health defect that causes death, or is seriously debilitating or life threatening, puppy will be replaced with one puppy of equal or lesser value (as per original purchase price) as soon as one is available. Buyer will be responsible for the price difference if buyer chooses a puppy of greater value. There are no cash refunds. To exercise such replacement option; Buyer must submit, from
a licensed veterinarian, either a medical report stating that a severe health problem attributed to a genetic defect exists, or proof of death resulting from a genetic problem. Should a death occur due to an unknown cause, a licensed veterinarian must perform a necropsy, with a copy of the report forwarded to Seller before determining if a replacement is to be made. All expenses are the Buyer’s responsibility including the flying with a puppy nanny of a replacement puppy.

Descending of testicles or inability to breed or perform in shows is not covered by the warranty. Patellar Luxation and dental is not covered into the health agreement. It is important that you do not let your puppy jump off high places to prevent these things from happening and does not effect the life of your puppy. Nor are teeth covered. This is a common and non-life threatening issue in poodles. Parents are tested annually for their eyes and knees.
Color, weight, temperament, etc. cannot be guaranteed in a young puppy. However, Seller can make an educated guess based upon the parent’s physical characteristics and personality, as well as previous litters. All puppies are sold as a pet and until proof of spay/neuter has been provided then papers will not be released.