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We are located in Douglasville, Georgia and are a world class provider of toy poodles. With a focus on well-bred and healthy toy poodles along with an equally unforgettable adoption experience, it is no wonder why we have been regarded by our clients as one of the best in the industry. Our babies are hand-raised with an abundance of love and care in a family atmosphere that yields excellent socializing personalities in each poodle we deliver. We specialize in Reds, Chocolates, Phantoms, and Merle Toy Poodles, resulting in one of the most professionally diverse color programs in the industry.

With over 10 years experience breeding and caring for Toy Poodles we can confidently say they are intelligent, fun and make amazing companions. There high level of intelligence makes there training and settling in process relatively easy with little to no experience truly necessary. A very rewarding and affectionate addition to any family willing to provide them with the proper tender love and care. If you feel this fits you or your family, we look forward to hearing from you when your ready to adopt your Furever friend.

We stand behind the health of our puppies with a YEAR Health Guarantee.


Your FUREVER friend deserves the BEST there is to offer.

They are FAMILY after all!