Distinguishing Marks:                                         Color:                                      Sex:

Whelp Date:                     Dam:                     Sire: 

A good faith deposit of _____ is required upon successful completion and return of executed contract. The remaining balance due prior to delivery or pick-up is ______ plus the additional shipping cost of _____ For a total cost of _____ (Only US currency accepted.) 

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of delivery. The buyer agrees to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days of pickup (excluding Sundays and Holidays). If the puppy is found to be in unacceptable health with any life threatening disease that pup will be returned, a written statement from the veterinarian should be forwarded to the seller and the puppy should be returned within 24 hours (at buyer’s expense) for a replacement if a replacement puppy is not available your money will be moved to the next available litter or litter of your choosing within a 1 year time span. 

The newly adopted pet has been vet checked; is up to date on shots and worming; has dew claws removed and tail docked. A health record is furnished on delivery with your new puppy. 

Commercial shipment with Nanny Requirements and fees are buyer’s responsibility. SHIPPING COST IS _____ includes puppy carrier and puppy nanny. This is to anywhere in the united states EXCEPT Alaska and Hawaii additional fees are required for those 2 states. Once we have agreed upon a date the date may be move 1 day up or down 1x after that your deposit will be forfeited. There is a 20$ a day boarding cost for each day after agreed upon pickup day. There is no exceptions to this we both should respect our time that we committed to. YOUR BALANCE is due in full by 7 weeks REGARDLESS if you plan to pick the pup up at a later date.

This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. Sale with Limited Registration may or may not include papers. This puppy is never to be used for breeding purposes; and should be spayed (other option: Female Sterilization, Hormone-sparing) {by 1 year of age} or neutered (other option: Male Sterilization, Hormone-sparing) {by 6 months of age}. When breeder receive proof of spay/neuter (or Hormone-sparing) registration papers may be furnished. If spay /neuter (or Hormone-sparing), confirmation is not received by breeder at 7 months for males (or 13 months) of age for girls, breeder will assume purchaser is breeding the dog purchased and a fee of $4000.00 is owed and payable to the breeder immediately for breach of contract. 

Payment in full must be made prior to taking ownership of the puppy. Cash payment is accepted ONLY on day of pick-up while Bank Wire is accepted at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. 

By filling out and signing this form, I agree to the purchase of one companion toy poodle. 

Buyer’s Name: ____________________

Buyer’s Address: ____________________

Buyer’s Signature: ____________________

Seller’s Signature: ____________________

Date: Buyer’s Phone: ____________________

Buyer’s Email: ____________________

St: Zip: ____________________

City: ____________________


Seller’s address: 


Seller warrants, to the best of our knowledge that the above described puppy is in good health and of pet quality at the time the puppy leaves Seller’s possession. Reasonable care has been exercised to prevent or eliminate all parasites and/or skin problems. 

Buyer should have a licensed veterinarian examine this puppy within 3 days of purchase. If a licensed veterinarian declares this puppy in unacceptable health and the puppy and paperwork are returned to seller within 24 hours of examination, Seller will exchange for another similar puppy when available. A written statement from the veterinarian is required for exchange of puppy. This does not include worms, coccidia, gi issues or any other minor non life threatening issues. 

If within the first 12 months of age a licensed veterinarian diagnosis’s this puppy with a genetic health defect that causes death, or is seriously debilitating or life threatening, puppy will be replaced with one puppy of equal or lesser value (as per original purchase price) as soon as one is available. Buyer will be responsible for the price difference if buyer chooses a puppy of greater value. There are no cash refunds. To exercise such replacement option; Buyer must submit, from a licensed veterinarian, either a medical report stating that a severe health problem attributed to a genetic defect exists, or proof of death resulting from a genetic problem. Should a death occur due to an unknown cause, a licensed veterinarian must perform a necropsy, with a copy of the report forwarded to Seller before determining if a replacement is to be made. All expenses are the Buyer’s responsibility including the flying with a puppy nanny of a replacement puppy. 

Descending of testicles or inability to breed or perform in shows is not covered by the warranty. Patellar Luxation and dental is not covered into the health agreement. It is important that you do not let your puppy jump off high places to prevent these things from happening. Nor are teeth covered. This is a common and non-life threatening issue in poodles. Parents are tested annually for their eyes and knees. 

Color, weight, temperament, etc. cannot be guaranteed in a young puppy. However, Seller can make an educated guess based upon the parent’s physical characteristics and personality, as well as previous litters. 

We will not be held responsible for any vaccinations given by a veterinarian after puppy has left our care. We have already given all proper immunizations needed at time of sale for age and weight. 

We do not cover sickness or death due to the result of negligence on the part of the owner. A puppy should not be in contact with any other dogs\puppies until 10 days after the 2’ shot. This includes places where dogs frequent. We also recommend that your puppy be started on heart-worm as soon as you get it. All pups will receive their first shot at 7-8 weeks of age, worming from 2 to 8 weeks, dews\tails done, vet check at 1-3 days & 7-8 weeks old, and if they fly to you (with a puppy nanny), within 72 hours of flying. All pups will be delivered with a shot record, vet statement and other paperwork. 

The full contract price must be paid prior to delivery/Pick-up of pup. This contract must be signed and returned with deposit.

Your puppy must be paid in full by 8 weeks. There is a 20$ per day for any puppy held after agreed upon pick up date. If you decide on a pickup day after 8 weeks your puppy must be paid in full prior to pickup. If your puppy is being shipped the puppy must be paid in full 5 days prior to ship date.

Buyer agrees to provide the pup with a proper, loving, inside home with safe fence backyard. The pup is not being bought for resale and if at any time the pup cannot be cared for. Any pup may be returned with original paperwork at any time throughout its life with no exchange of funds. This pup CANNOT be transferred to a third party without written consent from the breeder. This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. 

Dated: _______ Buyer Initial: _______ Seller Initial: _______