I can’t imagine buying a dog from anyone else.

I was interested in a toy poodle with good bloodlines who would be a good personal companion! My neighbors had a poodle and I thought they were just the cutest thing ever!

I was very interested in finding a “responsible” breeder. Although I know a lot more about what that truly means now after years of knowing and working with Marnica, at the time, that meant that I wanted a breeder who had a few good quality litters per year and one who was very knowledgeable about the breed. Marnica was very helpful from day one. She was and still is always very timely in answering my messages and still 3 years later, we keep in touch about Maggie Mae.  I got very lucky to have stumbled upon her and she is the yard stick by which I measure all other dog breeders. It doesn’t necessarily matter that they all fall short, because I can’t imagine buying a dog from anyone else.

I chose Marnica because she  was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversations about her dogs, my background and experience, and our mutual expectations. I could tell she genuinely cared for her dogs as family members, and I felt I would receive a lot of ongoing support once I purchased one of her dogs.

My experience has been universally positive. If I could have eight of her dogs, I probably would!

I could write a novel about my Maggie Mae. She is gorgeous, well-tempered, a cherished family companion, and gives the best little snuggles ever. I can’t say enough about her.

I would just like to thank Marnica for the role she has played in our lives in making it possible for us to live with this absolutely cherished family member. I can’t imagine our lives without our wonderful Maggie Mae, and it is a privilege to be her caretaker, even though sometimes it truly is her who is taking care of me. We’ll be loyal and lifelong customers. More than that, over the years, Marnica has been an amazing resource and a wonderful friend to me.. I am extremely grateful for everything.